Patient Driven
Precision Medicine

We don't just treat disease, we identify, prevent and reverse disease while optimizing your health through:
Lifestyle Recommendations
Addressing the four pillars of health, nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise.
Extensive blood, genetic and functional testing
Concierge Access and Service
Custom programs, premium service
Physician Led, Coach Driven programs with POWERFUL tools
Will include lifestyle recommendations, custom supplement plan and may Include Hormone Optimization, Peptide Protocols and Longevity Medication Prescribing.
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How It Works

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Committing to Your Health
  • Joining as a member is the first step to health optimization!
  • Your membership gives you access to all of the benefits OHH has to offer.
Extensive Blood Testing
  • Our health optimization panel is drawn every 6 months and is included in your membership.
  • The results from this panel are used in the physician review to create your custom plan.
Cutting Edge Add Ons
  • Genetic algorithms, functional testing, advanced cancer screening and heart prevention imaging can all be ordered as a member of the program.
  • These add on tests can provide tremendous information and peace of mind when it comes to planning and prevention.
Lifestyle Review and Coaching
  • An initial 55 minute assessment of habits and the pillars of health start your journey to health optimization.
  • Quarterly coaching calls for accountability and questions.
  • Additional coaching can be added as needed depending on your goals
The Master Plan
  • Review your lab results with a physician in a 55 minute visit.
  • Your custom plan will include lifestyle recommendations, resources, supplementation and may include hormone optimization, peptide protocols and medication prescribing.
The Follow Up
  • Scheduled program reviews.
  • Unlimited access to the OHH team through our portal.
  • No journey should be considered complete with evidence that you are improving!
  • Repeat lab work every 6 months will verify progress and help catch new problems as they arise.

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OHHMD offers health optimization through an integrative approach to lifestyle, targeted supplementation, hormone optimization, peptide therapy and medications where appropriate.

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Optimal Human Health

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