Gut Health & Osteoporosis


This conversation explores the gut-bone connection and the importance of gut health in relation to osteoporosis. Dr. Doug discusses the four main aspects of gut health: digestion, absorption, the microbiome, and intestinal permeability. They emphasize the role of digestion in breaking down food and the importance of chewing and adequate stomach acid and enzymes. Dr. Doug also explains the impact of the autonomic nervous system on gut function. They discuss the role of the microbiome in immune system regulation and inflammation, as well as the breakdown of dietary fiber into short-chain fatty acids. The concept of leaky gut and its causes are also explored, along with the importance of testing to diagnose gut issues. The conversation concludes by highlighting the critical role of the gut in overall health and the need for personalized gut health programs.


  • The gut has a significant impact on bone health and overall health.
  • Proper digestion, including chewing and adequate stomach acid and enzymes, is crucial for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.
  • The microbiome plays a role in immune system regulation, inflammation, and bone density.
  • Leaky gut, or increased intestinal permeability, can lead to inflammation and negative food reactions.
  • Testing is important for diagnosing gut issues and designing personalized gut health programs.

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