Contact List

You have a team here at OBH and we want you to know who you can go to during your time with us! The best way to get what you need, when you need it is to reach out to the right person.

Patient Care

Team Member: Samantha


How they can support you: 

  • Onboarding
  • Labs
  • Scheduling with your team
  • Administrative needs

Patient Orders

Team Member: Mia

Message in Healthie: Mia (Patient Orders)

How they can support you: 

  • Questions about Prescriptions and Supplement Orders
  • Supplement Billing and Cost
  • Shipping Concerns, Logistics, and Refills

Your Registered Dietitian

Team Member: Varies

Connect with your Dietitian on Healthie

How they can support you: 

  • Supplement changes
  • Functional lab ordering/interpretations
  • Scheduling a dietitian appointment
  • Symptom management (especially gut health symptoms and any new symptoms that begin when starting a protocol)
  • Any changes to your current diet (or specific dietary needs)

Your Health Coach

Team Member: Varies

Connect with your Health Coach on Healthie

How they can support you: 

  • Lifestyle recommendations (sleep, stress, mindsets etc.)
  • Exercise specific questions
  • Coaching program
  • General diet questions
  • To schedule a health coach appointment

Your Medical Provider

Team Members: Varies

Once you’ve had your program review, you will be able to ask your provider questions.

Connect with your Medical Provider on Healthie.

Questions that are best directed towards your provider include:

  • Prescription related questions (such as hormone replacement therapy, peptides,s tatins, etc)
  • Imaging related questions (not about ordering imaging, more related to recommendations after your provider reviews imaging)
  • Specific medical related questions that are not answerable by your dietitian

Tech Support

Team Member: Julie


How they can support you:

  • Accessing OBH Platforms
  • Accessing HealthSpan Nation

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