Men's Hormones & Bone Health


In this conversation, Dr. Doug explores the topic of hormone replacement for osteoporosis and health span in men, with a focus on testosterone. The traditional medical model's misconceptions about testosterone are discussed, highlighting the need for a more comprehensive understanding. The role of testosterone and estradiol in bone health is examined, emphasizing the importance of both hormones. The challenge of testosterone loss in men and its impact on aging is explored. The benefits of testosterone replacement, including improved symptoms and reduced risk of death, are outlined. Risks and side effects of testosterone replacement, such as prostate cancer and blood clot risk, are addressed. The chapter concludes with information on obtaining testosterone.


  • The traditional medical model often misunderstands and misrepresents the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Both testosterone and estradiol play crucial roles in bone health, and their levels should be considered in treatment.
  • Testosterone loss in men is a natural part of aging, but the decline is happening earlier and faster in modern times.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy can improve symptoms of low testosterone and reduce the risk of death, among other benefits.
  • Comprehensive testing is essential for determining the appropriate treatment and dosage for testosterone replacement therapy.
  • While there are risks and side effects associated with testosterone replacement therapy, they can be managed and are generally low.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy has the potential to improve health span and longevity in men.

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