Antinutrients & Bone Health


This conversation explores the concept of anti-nutrients and provides guidance on how to deal with them. The discussion covers various types of anti-nutrients, including lectins, oxalates, and phytates. The importance of considering nutrient deficiencies and individual health conditions is emphasized. The potential impact of consuming high levels of anti-nutrient foods is also discussed. The conversation provides insights into cooking techniques that can reduce the presence of anti-nutrients in food. Overall, the conversation aims to provide a balanced perspective on the topic and encourages individual testing and consideration of cultural dietary preferences.


  • Anti-nutrients are compounds in food that can interfere with digestion, absorption, and potentially cause inflammation.
  • Consider nutrient deficiencies and individual health conditions when deciding whether to avoid or reduce consumption of anti-nutrient foods.
  • Cooking techniques such as soaking, pressure cooking, and fermenting can help reduce the levels of anti-nutrients in food.

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