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The Forager Project

Cashew-based dairy alternatives

Dietitian Notes:

Forager makes cashew dips and yogurts. Note that these may not be good sources of calcium.

Wild Planet

Tuna and Salmon pouches and cans.

Dietitian Notes:

Wild Planet is sustainably caught and is a high quality source of protein.

Yai's Thai

Thai Sauces

Dietitian Notes:

Level up your typical meals with sauces that make cooking easy.

Wild Zora

Meat and Vegetable jerky and simple meals.

Dietitian Notes:

Wild Zora makes snacks and meals that promote an anti-inflammatory diet.



Dietitian Notes:

Use ultima as a daily electrolyte blend that can use to meet your micronutrient needs and to support hydration.

Urban Peasants

Bread, pizza crust

Nutrition Plans:
Dietitian Notes:

Gluten free sourdough bread based out of Asheville, NC

Unbun Foods

Tortillas, bread and crusts

Dietitian Notes:

Sometimes your in a pinch and need a simple meal, try Unbun for grain free breads with high quality ingredients.


Dairy Free Protein Powders

Dietitian Notes:

Tropeaka makes low-carb, dairy-free protein powder that contain digestive enzymes allowing for easy digestion!

True Nutrition

Completely customizable protein blends

Dietitian Notes:

Customize your own protein powder based on your personal nutrition needs with high quality ingredients.


Nutrition Plans:
No items found.
Dietitian Notes:

Ucann is a great source carbohydrates for endurance and elite athletes.

Tribali Foods

Burgers and meats

Dietitian Notes:

Tribali foods makes burger from various meats to help you meet your saturated fat goals.

Simple Kneads

No wheat, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, soy, peanuts, sesame, starches, gums, bakers yeast or rice.

Dietitian Notes:

This allergen friendly bread can be a simple substitution to improve your diet quality without giving up simple staples.

Simple Mills

Nut and seed crackers

Dietitian Notes:

Gluten free crackers are a great substitution, be sure to read your nutrition labels.

The New Primal

Meat Sticks

Dietitian Notes:

These meat sticks are sugar free and are a great snack to take on the go! The "Snack Mates" products may contain natural sweeteners and may not fit into your carb tolerance goals.

Teton Waters Food


Dietitian Notes:

Teton Waters Food sources high-quality grass-fed meat.



Dietitian Notes:

LMNT is a high-sodium electrolyte blend which is often necessary for those who don't consume many processed foods.

Seite Foods

Chips, tortilla and taco shells, seasonings, sauces, beans

Dietitian Notes:

Siete foods making enjoying your favorite foods easy while following an anti-inflammatory diet.

Safe Catch

Tuna and Salmon cans and pouches

Dietitian Notes:

Safe Catch is tested for mercury. Its a great source of protein with minimal prep time.


Mixed Nut Spread

Dietitian Notes:

NuttZo is nut butter spread made with 7 different nuts and seeds to vary your nutrition intake.

Prime Protein

Diary free protein powder.

Dietitian Notes:

Prime Protein is a beef protein isolate-based protein powder.

Primal Kitchen

Condiments, cooking oils, dressings, dips, pasta and pizza sauces, protein powders

Dietitian Notes:

Primal Kitchen makes dairy free, soy free, and sugar free snacks with minimal ingredients.

Naked Nutrition

Protein Powder without additives and artificial sweetners

Dietitian Notes:

Naked nutrition makes protein powders without additives.


Dariy Free Milk Alternatives

Dietitian Notes:


Low FODMAP product line

Nutrition Plans:
Dietitian Notes:

Fody is a great tool for those who need to follow a low FODMAP diet.

Kite Hill

Dairy-free dips and spreads

Dietitian Notes:

Nut-based, diary-free dips and spreads that are delicious and a good source of fat.


Whey protein isolate

Dietitian Notes:

Whey protein has a powerful impact on muscle growth. Kion makes a whey protein with minimal ingredients.

DNX Bars

Jerky Bar

Dietitian Notes:

DNX bars are a great "on-the-go" protein solution.

Good Foods

Dietitian Notes:

Good Foods makes vegetables based dips and spreads.

Epic Bars

High protein snack bars!

Dietitian Notes:

Epic Bars can be a great source of minimally processed protein. Keep an Epic Bar or two with you incase you're out and can't find food that fit's your nutrition needs.

Forth and Heart Ghee


Dietitian Notes:

Ghee is butter made with the dairy proteins removed.

Hop Tea

Sugar-Free/Artificial Sweetener-Free Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Dietitian Notes:

Hop Tea can be a great substitute for your favorite alcoholic drinks, the hoppy flavor is reminiscent of beer. Be mindful of which choices contain caffeine.

Boulder Canyon

Avocado Oil and Olive Oil Chips

Dietitian Notes:

Boulder Canyon makes chips without inflammatory oils.

Canyon Bakehouse

Breads, bagels, buns

Nutrition Plans:
Dietitian Notes:

Gluten free breads and bagels that can make your swap to a gluten free lifestyle a little easier.

Base Culture

Sliced bread and buns

Nutrition Plans:
Dietitian Notes:

These grain-free breads can be a simple swap for those who need to decrease their grain intake.

Applegate Farms

**cheese products are not dairy free

Dietitian Notes:

Applegate farms makes minimally processed meat, breakfast sausage, bacon, and cheese. This is a simple switch that can improve the quality of your diet.


Meat Sticks

Dietitian Notes:

Chomps are a high quality meat stick that are simple to keep around for snacks, fuel for hikes, or as an emergency food.

Butcher Box

Meat Delivery Service

Dietitian Notes:

Finding high quality meats locally can be challenging but Butcher Box makes it easy!