Platform Management

Since Optimal Human Health is a cutting edge telehealth practice, we want to ensure we have access to the BEST information to make the BEST decisions for your health goals. This required us to use a variety of platforms so you can get the information you need in the easiest way possible. Unfortunately, not all of these programs talk to each other.

Use this Platform Management Guide to learn what each platform is best used for.

Bookmark each of these pages on your browser and save your log-in information where you'll remember it! 


Healthie is an Electronic Medical Record. Healthie is a HIPAA compliant platform and all healthcare will be provided via Healthie.

What to use it for: 

  • Message Your Team
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Join Telehealth Appointments
  • Upload Documents to share with your team
  • Access handouts and other documents shared by your team
  • Complete Onboarding Paperwork and Forms


You may be interested in putting the Healthie App on your phone for easy access to your team.

Access Healthie

Optimal Bone Health Members Portal

The OBH Members Portal is where you are now! This platform is an Education Hub where you can access your additional member benefits like the Bone Foundations Course, HealthSpan Nation, and EXCLUSIVE tools developed by your team that you can access anywhere! 

The Members Portal is designed to be the one place you can go to access everything that is available to you as part of your OBH Membership.

What to use it for: 

  • Access Bone Foundations Course Content
  • Access HealthSpan Nation Events & Slack
  • Access Onboarding Information and Platform Tutorials
  • Access Tools and Discount Codes that have been vetted by our team
  • Access our Nutrition Product Guides
  • Access the Nutrition Library for additional education and tools outside of your RD visits.
  • Access the Exercise Library


Everything you need can be accessed through the OBH Members Portal, if you save one link, save this one! 

Optimal Bone Health Portal

HealthSpan Nation

HealthSpan Nation (HSN) is included in your OBH Membership, but available to the public to access with a subscription to HSN. HSN is includes a weekly call with Dr. Doug where he covers an important topic related to Osteoporosis, Menopause, and/or Longevity! HSN also includes a Slack Channel to connect with other community members. Slack is not HIPAA Compliant and our team will never disclose if you are a current patient, however, you are free to disclose that if you wish.

What to use it for: 

  • Connect with likeminded individuals who share similar life experiences.
  • Attend live community chats hosted by Dr. Doug to deepen your knowledge about Osteoporosis, Menopause, and Longevity
Access Healthspan nation


What is it for: 

Slack is a community messaging platform that allows you to connect with other members of HealthSpan Nation and discuss topics that are interesting to you! Slack is not HIPAA Compliant and our team will never disclose if you are a current patient, however, you are free to disclose that if you wish.

What to use it for: 

  • Connecting with other HSN Members, sharing resources, building community
  • DO NOT Use slack to reach out to your OBH team for personal questions or support unless it's directly related to HSN. For personalized support, use Healthie.
Access slack


Cronometer is a nutrition tracking software that allows your dietitians and health coaches to better understand what you are consuming and to help you set goals that will have a positive impact on your health.

You will recieve an invite to create a Cronometer account on enrollment in your OBH Membership. If you need the invite resent, reach out to

What to use it for: 

  • Tracking your nutrition intake.
  • Learning about the components of food.
  • Identifying area's where modifying your intake will be the most impactful.
  • Although Cronometer has a messaging function, this is not checked by your coach or RD regularly. Use Healthie to connect with your team.


Cronometer does not notify your team when you have tracked your nutrition intake. If you would like a team member to review, please notify them on Healthie.

Access cronometer

Bone Foundations

Bone Foundations is a free course for members and the public. This course contains a variety of resources that can be used to supplement your learning.

What to use it for: 

  • Understanding the OBH Framework
  • Your 1:1 work with your OBH team will always take precedence over the education provided in Bone Foundations because it will be specific to you! 


Bone Foundations is NOT required, if you are feeling overwhelmed, connect with your dietitian and health coach and focus on your individual recommendations and goals.

Access bone foundations


FullScript is an online supplement ordering dispensary. You will be able to order a majority of your recommended supplements through this link.

There are select supplements that we will order for you because they are not available on FullScript.

You will always receive a quote for supplement orders before your card is charged.

Access fullscript

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