Supplements & Bone Health - Minerals


Vitamins are just one category of micronutrients that impact bone health. This conversation covers various minerals and their importance for bone health. Minerals are critical components of Bone Health because they are not only cofactors for bone metabolism but they provide structural support to the bone matrix. The chapters include discussions on boron, calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper, and strontium. The conversation emphasizes the need for personalized guidance in supplement selection and highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to bone health that includes lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise.


Boron is important for bone health as it improves calcium absorption and estrogen metabolism.
Calcium is necessary for building bone, but the amount needed and how it should be tested varies.
Magnesium is more important than calcium for building bone and is often depleted in the food supply.
Supplement selection should be personalized and based on individual needs and deficiencies.


Review your data in Cronometer to better understand what Vitamins and Minerals you need to supplement with.

We have created a supplement protocol to provide you with access to the same high quality supplements that we recommend to our Optimal Bone Health Membership clients. These Protocols are not specific to your individual needs based on blood work but they do provide a starting point for optimizing your intake.

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In the Additional Resources section, you will find a supplement schedule that can be filled in to help you manager your supplement on a day-day basis.

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