Edie Feffer

Edie Feffer is a Health Coach on a mission to empower women to reach their health goals through a holistic, body-loving approach. Edie graduated from the University ofSan Diego with a degree in business and a minor in Spanish. Her professional path took a turn when she discovered her life’s purpose: to help women find peace with food, resolve complex health challenges, and optimize their health through radical self-love.

Edie’s journey to becoming a Certified Health Coach was influenced by overcoming her own health struggles. She loves to study the intricacies of the human body and mind.Edie has passionately dedicated the last nine years to health and wellness coaching, helping hundreds of women achieve transformative results.

Edie specializes in using food as medicine to help individuals not only attain their weight loss and body composition goals, but to also heal their relationship with food, increase energy levels, and balance hormones. She’s also an EFT practitioner.

Her holistic approach encompasses multidimensional health, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, coupled with behavioral modification techniques, neuroplasticity principles, and motivational strategies to reduce stress, improve sleep, and ultimately enhance overall joy and well-being.

In her free time, Edie loves training for her next ultramarathon, hiking, playing with her niece and nephew, and reading.