Julia Priest, B.S. NBC-HWC

Julia's educational background was developed by her desire to understand the human body and facilitate others using their bodies to the extent that brings them joy.  She studied both exercise science and psychology at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. She has coached endurance athletes, including professional and amateur athletes. As she has worked in this field she has grown a deeper appreciation for the abilities of the body.  She then pursued ways to help maintain and facilitate those abilities by studying massage therapy. She specialize's in deep tissue and targeted sports massage.

Julia has been coaching in various fields for 12 years.  Most recently, she has studied epigenetic medicine through the Wild Health Fellowship Program.  As a board certified NBHWC health coach, she uses precision medicine knowledge to collaborate with patients to pursue their health goals. Between working with athletes, providing body work and health coaching, She continues to pursue knowledge around the mind-spirit connection to explore a better understanding of self.  

In her free time, she loves racing bikes, doing all the things with her yellow lab, Mustard, and hanging out with her husband