Nick Trubee, PHD

Dr. Nick Trubee earned his doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky and has been a certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS) for over a decade. Dr. Trubee is a former university professor who left the world of academia to personal train and coach clients in the online space. Nick has spent the last 15 years helping competitive athletes, firefighters, average joes, and those with osteopenia/osteoporosis connect the dots between their everyday life and their valuable time spent in the exercise and workout spaces.

Nick is an avid reader of the latest research in the field of exercise science and continues to maintain his CSCS credentials in order to best serve his clients. Nick has a passion for helping clients understand the value of connecting with their bodies in order to build a fitness foundation that allows for limitless exploration, freedom and fun. His training philosophy and goal of every training session is to feel better after the workout than before you started. When the focus is that simple, good things happen.

Dr. Nick’s background in education and personal training are the perfect combination to help you build a body and a life without barriers.