Peptide Uses and Benefits

Oxytocin - Nasal Spray

  • Helps stimulate osteoblasts, the bone building cells (although not studied independently for osteoporosis)
  • This hormone/peptide also has many other benefits (inducing feelings of love, trust, safety, etc) and is loved by many of our patients.

Tesamorelin - Injection

  • A Growth Hormone Releasing Factor Analog has evidence to support: some text
    • Cognitive Function
    • Body Composition
    • Lean Muscle Mass 
    • Improved Sleep Quality 

Hexarelin- Capsule

  • A Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide has evidence to support: some text
    • Increase bone density!
    • Increases Growth Hormone levels
    • Increase growth of lean muscle 
    • Reduction of visceral fat 
    • Promotion of quicker recovery from injuries and training 
    • Improvement of sleep quality 
    • Enhancement of athletic performance and physical capacity

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