Dr. Doug Lucas

Dr. Doug Lucas is a double board-certified physician specializing in optimizing women's healthspan and bone health. 7 years after completing his training at Stanford and starting his career as an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Doug left the traditional medical model to pursue a second fellowship and board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and achieve the status of fellow in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine. He also pursued extensive training in women's hormone optimization and replacement through the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine. This functional training provided the medical groundwork to support his philosophy of patient care and to launch the platforms Optimal Human Health MD and Optimal Bone Health MD.

Dr. Doug has gone on to build a team of experts with a unique skill set to help optimize women's health and help them to live better, longer. The vision of creating a team environment that facilitates care through a membership-based model has come to fruition with hundreds of patients improving their energy, performance, and health through hormone optimization, lifestyle modification, targeted supplementation, and more. Dr. Doug and his team create custom comprehensive plans through the lens of HealthSpan for women in midlife and beyond who want to recapture the energy, vitality, and vigor they once had. Dr. Doug is passionate about learning and delivering groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting information to his team, patients, and followers worldwide. Through patient care, his YouTube channel Optimal Bone Health with Dr. Doug Lucas, and his podcast The Dr. Doug Show, Dr. Doug is committed to finding the best way to provide the information needed to help Aim for Optimal, Not Average and encourages all to not Be Afraid to Be Extraordinary because that's what it takes.