Testosterone is a powerful hormone for both men and women. Without it people feel less energy, lower vitality, reduced libido, and brain fog. In addition testosterone deficiency puts you at risk for losing muscle mass, gaining weight and suffering from reduced bone quality and quantity. Men in particular seem to be at higher risk of death when levels are not maintained. However, despite all of these associations testosterone is not generally tested as a part of normal prevention visits and natural ways to improve testosterone are rarely a part of general wellness plan. Worse yet, replacement when indicated has become something many patients are afraid to discuss with their health care team which drives care to online dispensaries and programs with a wide range of care and sometimes concerning quality. At OHH we look at testosterone in men and women as a part of optimization and not through a narrow lens. The big picture MUST be addressed or the benefits of having optimal levels goes down and risk goes up. We never want to optimize at the expense of safety. The time and effort spent on your health should make you feel better and improve longevity, never the other way around!

This week's blog discusses:

  • 3 groups who are at risk for testosterone deficiency.
  • The challenges with testing and why "normal" is far from optimal!
  • The causes of testosterone deficiency in both men and women.
  • The relationship of obesity and testosterone and 3 unique ways in which visceral fat can reduce testosterone levels.
  • Which exercises raise and which lower testosterone (and fat).
  • How to improve testosterone naturally.
  • Who may benefit from replacement?

If you are interested click here to read the full blog post!

If you want to learn more about testing your hormone levels stay tuned for our post next week introducing our own testing platform! You'll be able to order our optimization panels and meet with one of our physicians to review results!!

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In Gratitude,

Dr. Doug

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