Do I Have to Take All of These Supplements? 6 Micronutrients you are likely deficient in!

Do I Have to Take All of These Supplements? 6 Micronutrients you are likely deficient in!

When patients start with Optimal Human Health the FIRST step is to meet with our coaching team where we learn about your nutrition philosophy and other lifestyle factors. We start EVERYONE on a “resuscitation” plan of micronutrient supplements because after years of testing I can tell you that EVERYONE is deficient in key nutrients. After we get our extensive lab panel results, we can make further recommendations and customize the supplement stack. What key nutrients are most people deficient in? Keep reading.

This study did a great job of examining common dietary eating styles and looking at what nutrients would be deficient if accurately calculated. What was SHOCKING in this study was that numerous nutrients were CONSISTENTLY low, and the calories required to obtain these nutrients through these eating styles topped 27,000 per day. Clearly, that’s a way to put on some weight!

Consistently, this study showed deficiencies in B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin k, iodine, chromium and molybdenum. We cater our recommendations to each person’s unique circumstances, but these are common.

I’m a big advocate for getting objective data before starting supplementation. Nutrient deficiencies do not typically cause obvious symptoms but can play a role in many chronic diseases and general feelings of low energy, fatigue, poor sleep and more.

Do we need to take supplements forever? The reality is that our soil is depleted and most foods are calorie rich and nutrient depleted. Even the BEST diets with the BEST intention will likely fall short. I support all my patients in the effort to get as many nutrients from food as possible (especially true for calcium in my bone health patients), but we HAVE to back that up with labs to verify! This is Health Optimization and is required for longevity and healthspan.

In Gratitude,

Dr. Doug