The most important demonstration of faith is faith in yourself

A frequently overlooked component of health optimization is faith. Optimizing every component of your body is like building floors of a skyscraper. In order to successfully complete the top floors we must carefully build and maintain all the floors below, including the foundation. All skyscrapers are built on a sturdy foundation that extends deep into the ground. Without this the most sophisticated building in the world would simply blow over with the slightest pressure. I view faith as the groundrock for that foundation.

Faith in yourself
The most important demonstration of faith is faith in yourself. Regardless of your beliefs around religion if you do not believe in yourself you will never successfully have the discipline or drive to achieve.

Every decision you make stems from a belief in something. A belief to achieve, to serve, to produce or to earn. Whether it’s deciding to get out of bed on time without hitting the snooze button or making good decisions around foods that are providing you with nourishment rather than toxins, every decision all day long requires a purpose, a reason and faith that you deserve the outcome.

If you don’t believe in yourself and have faith that you deserve your achievements, success, relationships or wealth you will find a way to upper limit yourself and sabotage. Your interactions with those around you are fueled by your grounding to your own self worth. If you are confident in who you are, those you engage with will feel your centeredness and lean into your knowledge and experience. Your genuineness will shine.

Lastly, when you have faith that you deserve the love others express for you it allows you to return this most precious emotion. Without it you will always sabotage your relationships and end up with what your fear desires. You, alone without risk of failure. If you choose faith, choose love and choose to put yourself at risk those that love you will embrace your exposure and together you will become stronger and optimized together.

Faith in religion
In what feels to be an increasingly secular society religion still plays a significant role in many of my patient’s lives. While faith in yourself is critical, faith in a God can be very powerful. All religions share common themes around God’s purpose for His creations.

Having faith that God has a purpose for you that will be revealed on His timing can be both comforting and frustrating. Overachievers tend to want to be in control of their destiny and drive to what they see as the goal with relentless determination.

When it comes to optimizing your health though it’s important to realize that your goals and God’s plan may frequently be at odds. I believe that all of my patients are on a journey with their health and with their purpose. I see health challenges as a tool that God can use to guide our path. Few things can steer you more firmly than disease and fear of death.

My role as your optimization expert is to help you understand what your situation is and to help you make the best decisions possible. When we do our best to support a strong vessel in our bodies for God’s work we are frequently rewarded with satisfying results and work to do.

There is a potentially negative side to faith in this manner too. I see patients use God’s word out of context and as a shield to protect their own motives and desires. While I cannot tell someone that they are using their faith in religion for their own negative self destructive behaviors I do remind people to look at their actions in reference to their spiritual integrity. If they are out of alignment a second look at God’s word and its meaning in the actions at hand should be considered.

Faith in a Higher Power
One of the most powerful beliefs to come out of 12 step programs for many people is the belief in a higher power. For those comfortable in their religion this is generally an easy step to take but for the secular believing that a power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity and then turning your will and life over to this higher power can be a non-starter.

What I love about this principle for everyone though is that it exposes the truth that we MUST believe in something greater than ourselves. For many in recovery that entity can simply be the group that they seek solace and guidance from. For anyone though a higher power can be a purpose, a group of people with similar goals or any celestial form or deity you wish.

Simply having faith that a higher power will guide you and ease the burden of decision making can take tremendous pressure off of our simple minds. We are complex creatures that evolve slowly. Our societal pressures and toxic world are too much for us alone. Accepting a higher power in your life can make a tremendous difference in your direction and success.

Faith in Optimization
I have faith in myself as a healer for patients, leader of our team at OHH and as a role model for those around me. My path has been divinely guided despite my efforts to derail and destroy my potential. We don’t have to share the same beliefs in religion to work together but I will work with you to at a minimum to have faith in yourself and purpose in your journey.