Optimal Human Health is a platform to provide extraordinary healthcare to extraordinary women!

Aim for Optimal

Helping mid-life women, and beyond unlock longevity, healthspan, & performance through lifestyle, targeted supplementation, hormones, and advanced therapeutics

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Optimal Human Health (OHH) is a platform to provide extraordinary healthcare to extraordinary women!

‍Women's Health has been marginalized for far to long, from misguided approaches to hormone replacement therapy, misunderstood information on nutrition and exercise, and underutilized tools that keep women vibrant into midlife and beyond. Optimal Human Health is here to change that.

Women tell us that they feel like they've lost their spark and vitality as they hit midlife. Some call it aging. We don't see it that way. We can help you reignite that spark so you can keep pushing boundaries in your profession, have the energy to keep up with your kids, and continue to set new goals and chase your dreams. That pursuit shouldn't end in your 40's.

The Optimal Human Health approach is different. We stray away from the status quo of the traditional medical model that has led you astray and passed you around without solutions. We won't ever tell you that feeling less than optimal is normal. Our goal is to give you access to all the cutting-edge tools available so you can live better, longer.

The goal of Optimal Human Health is to give you a wellness home. At OHH, you don't just get a medical provider, you get a TEAM. You get a support system. Finding the root cause of your diminished energy levels, persistent belly fat, frustrating brain fog, and an annoying decrease in  libido, takes a village. We provide you with the tools, the team, and the outcomes you've been looking for.

At OHH you'll have the opportunity to work with an amazing, functionally trained dietitian or health coach who will help you prioritize your goals. You'll get access to an exercise physiologist to help you create a training plan that will work for you. You'll work with a medical provider that understand how to bridge the gap between traditional and functional medicine. You'll also experience a phenomenal admin team who will help you coordinate your care and utilize all the tools offered to their full capacity.

The Optimal Human Health team, led by Dr. Doug Lucas, continues to break down barriers in women's healthcare so you can continue breakdown barriers in your everyday life.